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Can you live without your social site addiction?

Yesterday I’m headed to a meeting at Starbucks and I’m trying to tweet about my thoughts on the latest Black Eyed Peas album The E.N.D. I felt the “need” to tweet to my 2000 plus followers that this has to be one of the best albums of 2009. For some odd reason, uber twitter on my blackberry was not connecting. So now I’m thinking it’s my phone, which is the brand new curve so I’m light weight trippin. I cut my phone off then cut it back on and uber twitter is still not working. I was still getting my emails and text messages so I was not too alarmed.

After my meeting, I head downtown to drop off some paperwork for my company and still no uber twitter. At this point I have an “oh well” attitude. Next, I grab lunch with my Community Relations Director, then run some more errands and proceed on to work.

When I get to the radio station, I mentioned to my co-host that my uber twitter had been acting up, he said his was too and that it was on the news that someone hacked into FaceBook and Twitter. That’s when I had my ‘ahh haa’ moment. As I logged back on from my laptop, I noticed a few tweets mentioning how relieved they were now that twitter is back up.

I became intrigued with the notion that so many people are over-consumed with the world wide web and it’s web of distractions that lure you in. Before you know it, you’ve been on the net for 3 – 4 hours wasting precious productive time that could have been spent on personal development. Believe me, I have got caught up in it too. It must me very difficult for those that work in a cubicle office space for 8 plus hours a day. Can you break the ‘web’ of distraction? How much does the Internet consume your life? Can you control it? Will there soon be Internet intervention one day?

Which brings me to my poll question:


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