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Written By Rick McDaniel

pr1As more politicians come out in support of gay marriage the tide appears to be turning in the direction of gay marriage acceptance. With even some conservative media pundits openly expressing their concern with the inevitability of gay marriage one would think the debate might be over. As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast my friends.” This highly complex and emotional issue is far from being resolved regardless of what the Supreme Court rules in June. In fact it might be good to debunk a few of the most common myths circulating in the media today.

Anyone Against Gay Marriage Is Homophobic

This message is completely false and highly offensive to people of faith. The idea that you hate homosexuals because you disagree with gay marriage is the kind of lazy thinking that infects this country in so many public debates. Only someone with limited, linear thinking comes to such a simplistic conclusion. The reality is that evangelicals, Catholics, orthodox Jews and Muslims have strong beliefs that define the nature of marriage as solely uniting a man and women. This does not mean they hate gay people. As a Christ follower I want to show love to all people as Jesus taught me to. I also want to be faithful to the teachings of the Bible. They provide boundaries that define my life. I cannot allow those boundaries to be violated. This is just healthy living not hateful living. To say that Pope Francis, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and many other faith leaders are homophobic is simply absurd.

It Is About Marriage Equality

This reframing of the argument is a brilliant move by gay marriage supporters but it is semantics more than substance. If the issue is simply equal rights then the debate would be centered on civil unions not gay marriage. Homosexuals should have all the civil rights that allow them to be in a relationship with another person. They should not be discriminated against and should be treated equally as other groups. But that is not the same thing as being married. Redefining marriage from its historic, traditional understanding is a wholly different enterprise. Saying it is unfair that gays cannot marry is just the same as saying it is unfair that one does not have a higher IQ to be a scientist or lacks exceptional height to be an NBA player. These are God given realities not open to human alteration.

The Majority Of People Are For It

The latest polls show a slight majority of people support gay marriage. This is of course polling data. Last year a majority of the voters in North Carolina told pollsters that they favored gay marriage yet when they voted on a constitutional ban on gay marriage it was approved. What people may say in a poll is different than when they walk into a private booth to cast their vote. The majority of people in every state are certainly not for gay marriage and the majority of states presently ban gay marriage. This is all before the media campaign from pro marriage groups has really even taken place. The issue is far from a consensus and as young adults get married even their opinions may change.

It Won’t Lead To Other Types Of Marriages

If you redefine marriage you open a huge door to other types of marriage. It is absurd to argue that people will marry their dog or horse but other marriage arguments can be made. For instance, if a couple is infertile and they want to have children why not let a spouse marry another spouse who is fertile? Or what about the bisexual who wants both a male and female spouse? Is it not fair to give marriage equality to them as well? Once you destroy traditional marriage you open the door to a variety of marriages. If this seems implausible the idea of gay marriage was equally far fetched just thirty years ago.

It Is Just Another Kind Of Family

Only a marriage between a man and a woman can create a child. No same sex relationship can ever procreate. In order to have children something must be done that is unnatural. If there are then children how are those children raised? Masculinity can never bestow femininity and visa versa. A man cannot tell a girl how to be a woman, a woman cannot tell a boy how to be a man. This is why it takes both a mom and dad to raise a healthy, well adjusted child. The fact that presently one third of children do not live with two married parents is a national disaster not an argument for gay marriage. Just as the abortion issue is still alive forty years later so the gay marriage debate will continue indefinitely.

Rick McDaniel is a noted author, international communicator, church builder (Richmond Community Church), and life coach. McDaniel has earned three degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University, is the author of four books including the newly released “COMEBACK – Overcoming The Setbacks in Your Life.” He has traveled and spoken at conferences and churches worldwide spanning five continents and is the featured speaker on “High Impact Living.”

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