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20 Keys to Protecting Yourself from the Ebola Virus

Source: http://www.myhdiet.com/ Ebola is in the news everywhere and on everyone’s minds. Fear and concern seem to be a common thread. Each day we tune into the news to see the status of the latest victim or the progression of the disease. We saw an article the other day entitled, “Are Rental Cars Safe from […]

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British Big Pharma warns Ebola vaccine will come ‘too late’ to halt spread

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :
October 2014 – AFRICA – One of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies says a vaccine to tackle Ebola will “come too late” to curb the current epidemic, as the UK and other European countries begin screening passengers for the virus at international airports. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a British multinational that…

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Man gets life sentence for murdering Florida teen over loud music

Originally posted on WTVR.com:
[ndn id = 27779770] JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Florida judge Friday sentenced Michael Dunn to life in prison without parole for the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The sentence, imposed nearly two years after Dunn shot and killed Davis during an argument over loud music, also carries an additional…

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Caller from Chicago: “they’re letting this disease run wild & why are our borders still open?”

The original air date of this show was Oct. 12, 2014 Hour two. A gentleman called in from Chicago to express his sentiments regarding the previous callers comments. He also shared his thoughts on the decision of our governments lack of efforts on protecting the U.S. border and citizens from ebola.

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Ebola vaccine is a plague trigger

This show originally aired Oct. 12, 2014 Hour two. This excerpt is about an email sent to me regarding the actual vaccine for the ebola virus being the trigger for the outbreaks. Subject: Please Post as Ebola_Vaccine_is_Plague_Trigger.pdf I received the following information from an ex-military guy whom I have known for about eight years. He […]

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That’s cool and all -> AP: “Obama Calls for CDC ‘SWAT’ Team for Ebola Virus” – But I have some questions..

“Obama Calls for CDC ‘SWAT’ Team for Ebola Virus” On the video below the President speaks at length on ebola. He says he shook hands, hugged and kissed those healthcare workers that treated Dr.Kent Brantly at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. The media said Dr. Kent Brantly was infected with the ebola virus and is now […]

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Richmond clinic isolates patient to evaluate possible Ebola risk

Originally posted on WTVR.com:
RICHMOND, Va. — A local clinic has isolated a patient who recently traveled to Africa and now has a low-grade fever. CrossOver Health Ministry, located in the 100 block of Cowardin Avenue, said they “don’t believe it’s Ebola,” but have isolated the patient and are taking necessary precautions to evaluate…

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Hey CDC Director, we don’t believe you! Monsanto invests in Ebola vaccine | FLOW OF WISDOM

On this episode of Flow Of Wisdom I cover Monsanto GMO giant investing millions into ebola vaccine pharmaceutical company, Tekmira and more. The original air date was Oct. 12, 2014. This is the first hour. Links mentioned in this clip: DALLAS EBOLA PATIENT THOMAS DUNCAN WAS ANNOUNCED DEAD ON OCT 5TH MONSANTO INVESTS IN EBOLA […]

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CDC owns hundreds of thousands of disposable coffins?

In the old video below, you will hear from a gentleman that drove by a soybean field in Madison, Georgia that had what he thought at the time was portal toilets. He ended up talking with the property owner and asked what these items were.  He was told that they were disposable coffins or coffin […]

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6 Things You Should Know About Your Flight Attendant

A Fly Guy reveals 6 things flight attendants wished you knew, but don’t have time to tell you Crew have many beauty tricks to hide jet lag 1. Our sleep bank has a negative balance – Don’t let the big eyes, wide smiles and manicured appearances fool you; we’re tired… always. It’s not uncommon for cabin crew…

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This is hour two of Flow Of Wisdom radio that aired Oct. 5, 2014. Callers from Ohio, Oregon, Atlanta chime in on the ebola threat. I also provide tips on how to protect yourself.

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Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Duncan was announced dead on Oct 5th

Yesterday I received a comment on my YouTube video that Duncan died on October 5.   The report came from the Israeli National News. Because of the screenshot we have proof that the article was in fact posted. The video then links to the article Paul Begley referred to in his video, but now it […]

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Twitter Sues The Government Over Data-Request Disclosures

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
Twitter wants you to know that it is serious about data request transparency, and that is a darn fine good thing. The social company is suing the government for the right to share, in more granular detail, the requests for user data that state makes. The United States government would like such…

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YouTube/Tatoott1009 calls Flow Of Wisdom Radio to discuss Ebola & more (Hour 1)

Earlier this morning I reached out to a popular YouTube channel to call into to the show to discuss the ebola outbreak. The YouTube channel Tatoott1009 has a huge platform covering alternative news with over 20,000 subscribers and over 2.8 million views. Some of the topics discussed was ISIS, Iraq, the harsh reality of the […]

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Top ten things you need to do NOW to protect yourself from an uncontrolled Ebola outbreak

Today on Flow Of Wisdom radio I shared a list that I believe we can all benefit from in the shadow of a possible Ebola pandemic. Source: (NaturalNews) #1) Boost your immune system function with medicinal herbs and nutrients All patients who have survived Ebola so far can credit their immune systems for saving their lives. […]

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