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Satanic Temple offers Protection, Gun Control & more! Hour One

Check out this heavy phone interactive show, recently on Flow Of Wisdom radio. I reported that the Satanic Temple Minneapolis is showing compassion to Muslims that may be “afraid to leave their home out of fear for some kind of backlash.” So I asked callers, would you accept their offer if it were you? I […]

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One Revelation from God

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the story when George Washington Carver prayed asking God for answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries. He didn’t get the answer he was looking for until he brought his level of questioning down a notch. When George Washington Carver asked the right question, God answered his […]

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Where is the Compassion? France Attacks, ISIS, Syria and more HR1

On November 16, 2015 on the live broadcast of Flow Of Wisdom radio, I was joined by journalist and author, Brandon Turbeville to discuss the recent attacks in Paris. We went into details regarding Brandon’s recent article pointing out 9 reasons to question the Paris attack.

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French Warplanes Strike Islamic State Militants in Syria – The New York Times

via French Warplanes Strike Islamic State Militants in Syria – The New York Times.

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Open Letter: Dear Puff…

As I watched your recent interviews with the Breakfast Club and Ebro in the Morning to promote your new release “MMM”, I heard you consistently stating that the music will inspire. Before I get into the music, I will say that your career as a music executive, producer, artist, and business mogul is truly inspiring to […]

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Russia to deploy new weapons to counter US missile shield

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
Source: MOSCOW (AP) — Russia will counter NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense program by deploying new strike weapons capable of piercing the shield, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday. Putin told defense officials that by developing defenses against ballistic missiles Washington aims to “neutralize” Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent and gain a “decisive…

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Flat Earth: “We’ve been indoctrinated since birth” & Weather Modification is Big Business

During the second hour of my broadcast on November 8, 2015 a caller from Colorado shares his thoughts on my recent guests Bart Sibrel on the subject of the Flat Earth theory and Priest Banyaahla on the Mark of the Beast. Since first covering the subject of the flat earth, it has sparked a huge response […]

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Source says Trident Missile Test off the Coast of California is just the beginning

Prior to going live on Flow Of Wisdom radio on Sunday November 8th, I received a call related to the missile test off the coast of California. The trident missile test from the Ohio Class submarine was to see if the launch of a nuclear warhead could override a two key system. He also said […]

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Pentagon Confirms Submarine Missile Test in Pacific

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) transits the Hood Canal during its return to Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor, Wash., on April 16, 2015. The ship completed a weeklong sea trial period after emerging from an overhaul period at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. (U.S. Navy photo/Kenneth G. Takada) The U.S. Navy’s USS…

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Source: WhiteHouse.gov

The White House wants you to get Prepared for Space-Weather Events!

Source: WhiteHouse.gov Enhancing Preparedness for Space-Weather Events OCTOBER 29, 2015 AT 2:00 PM ET BY TAMARA DICKINSON AND BILL MURTAGH Our Nation’s security, economic vitality, and daily functioning depend on the reliable operations of satellites and aircraft, communications networks, navigation systems, and the electric power grid. As these and other, similar technologies and infrastructures become […]

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“The Moon Landing was fake and the Earth is not flat” Hour Two

If you thought the first hour was interesting, then you will enjoy the second hour. Bart Sibrel believes that the moon landing was a hoax and during this portion of the interview he excitedly explains why he believes that the earth is a sphere and not flat. Sibrel also says that the theory of the […]

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Perceptions of Reality

Written By J. Wilbur Our perceptions of reality are not simply justified by the actions of our hearts, but quantified by the existence of our souls. Memories will fade, but these days will never be forgotten. Time has not captured the essence of all that we have been, and apathy has hidden the imperfect perfections […]

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A 1966 U.S. Government Document with the Subject: Weather Modification Program

For anyone that still does not believe that our government has been “seeding” clouds to manipulate the weather, then this document should put that argument to rest. I first found this on Dane Wigington’s site, geoengineeringwatch.org. As I began to read through this extensive file, I could not stop shaking my head. This information is […]

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Magic Leap – A multi-million dollar virtual reality star up that will blow your mind!

The Week UK Google unveils a ‘jaw-dropping’ demo of its multi-million dollar augmented reality start-up, Magic Leap

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Scientist Discover ‘Space Junk’ that will Plunge to Earth

According to nature.com researchers found space junk that is heading our way.  It is calculated to fall off the southern tip of Sri Lanka on November 13th.  Click the hyperlink to read the article below, which I find fascinating.  I’ve always been intrigued with astrology since I was a kid. Nature.com – “Incoming space junk a […]

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