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Be sure to listen to Hour two with Andrew Pontbriand Here: http://archives2014.gcnlive.com/Archives2014/jan14/FlowOfWisdom/0105142.mp3

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FLOW OF WISDOM: The Road to Damascus, Syria breakdown, staged attacks and more with Brandon Turbeville

First it was the Government shutdown and now its the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  Just because the media is not talking about Syria don’t  think that some deals are not being made. Several big meetings have been taking place here recently. Read, President Obama meets with Pakistani prime minister in attempt to ease tensions […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: The History of Syria Sept. 01, 2013

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Something Greater is Going On. It’s More than Syria

I believe there is more going on than what the public knows. This is the time for you and I to really do some digging to piece together whatever truth you can find. You will not get the complete story through traditional media sources. Flow of Wisdom on Demand http://www.gcnlive.com/mediaPlayers/o… http://flowofwisdom.com/ https://twitter.com/Sean_Anthony https://www.facebook.com/SeanAnthonyFlowofWisdom

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FLOW OF WISDOM: EMP Attack , HAARP & Mind Control

The Original Air Date of this Show was Sunday July 28, 2013. This is Hour Two about an EMP attack and the ability of HAARP technology implementing mind control. To hear Hour One Click “Archives” Here: http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/flowOfwisdom/ http://www.Twitter.com/Sean_Anthony Facebook.com/FlowofWisdomhttp://youtu.be/-v3nG9mG734

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Mind Conditioning in Media (Doc Marquis) Hour 2

The original air date of this show was July 21, 2013. During this show, Doc Marquis (Former member of the Illuminati) gives a live demonstration of mental conditioning to attempt to get Sean Anthony to do and say what he wants. Does Doc Marquis trick Sean Anthony? Listen to this portion of the show to […]

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Is Universal Music Group West Coast a Drug Spot?

Is Universal Music Group West Coast a Drug Spot? Now before you read about this, I would like to point out that I am sourcing the hollywoodreporter.com and the first thing I noticed was a picture of T.I. Subliminally that is misleading to the reader.  T.I. is not even the premise of this story. In […]

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Source: GettingThroughThis.com

What’s Really in Vaccines? Proof of MSG, formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury

Did you read about the story of a 4 year old New Jersey boy that was suspended from school because his mom would not get him a flu shot. The reason why is because her son, Jeremy is allergic to eggs and one of the substances found in the flu vaccine has raw eggs. Read […]

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“A Coordinated Attack”: July 20th Colorado Shooting Anomalies

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FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO: Mass Vaccinations, Syria, and Staged Attacks

Brandon Turbeville is back to share some new insightful information. We discuss the details on vaccines and the harmful effects the DTap vaccine cause, MK Ultra mind control program. Turbeville mentions shocking details on a staged attack with Hollywood props and actors that’s set in place to take over a Syria television and broadcast assassinations as if they were […]

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Flow of Wisdom Radio 07/08/2012

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“Zombies & Things To Come” on Flow of Wisdom Radio w/ Sean Anthony

During this episode of “Flow of Wisdom Radio” I discuss the recent stories about the “zombie” attacks. I share an excerpt and expand on an interview I had with ex-illuminist Doc Marquis, when he told me that he seen scientist taking the DNA from different species with the attempt to create a “super-soldier.” I also […]

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Pay Attention to What’s Going On!

You can listen to my talk show “Flow of Wisdom Radio” live on WCDX iPower 92.1 on Sundays 9am-10am.

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Flow of Wisdom Radio – “Media Manipulation” PODCAST

Do you think the media is manipulative? Do you think there is an agenda set out to distract you through the news and current events? In this show I discuss the propaganda in the media.  I give insight on who owns the media, some of the origins of propaganda in movies and certain news stories. […]

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