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11/10/11 – by Memi Says – On Sunday, November 20, 2011, Flow of Wisdom Radio will welcome author Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr, aka Malice of “The Clipse”, one of the most respected duos in hip hop. The live show, hosted by The Hip Hop Motivator Sean Anthony, will focus on Thornton’s book, Wretched, Poor, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked, and the persistent spiritual battle on hip hop. Flow of Wisdom Radio airs on iPowerRichmond.com and iPower 92.1 FM Richmond, VA at 9AM EST Sundays.

“The lifestyle I once detested had enveloped me. I can’t remember exactly what point I let my guard down, but I am positive it was simultaneous with taking my focus off of God. I was trying to find my own way according to my own rules. Somehow I had convinced myself that as long as my family had nice clothes, my wife had beautiful jewelry, and the bills were paid, I had fulfilled my obligation as a father and a husband. That was a lie straight from the devil. Clearly I had lost my way.” ~ excerpt from Wretched, Poor, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked by Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr

There is no question about the existence of evils that hip hop has (always) had to offer. The temptations of fast sex, spending, drugs, booze, and tomfoolery have seeped deeply into the hyper-glamorized lifestyle. So deeply that if you claimed to love hip hop and not its vices, you could face discredit and ridicule within the community. Hip hop’s emcees, DJs, b-boys and girls, and visual artists are all gifted by God. When, then, did hip hop “lose its way?” This is the continuing spiritual battle of hip hop: to find its way.

For the two brothers who became the rap duo phenom known as “Full Eclipse”, the path began in Virginia Beach by way of the Bronx. With the support of family, the boys explored the poetic, bass-riddled genre of music with love and admiration. Years after they had refined their talents, the two emcees finally had a deal with the help of their friend, hitmaker Pharrell Williams. Now known as The Clipse, the group went on to tour across the world with rap legend 50 Cent, record with industry “greats” Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Scott Storch, and The Neptunes, release four albums, and earn several Grammy nominations.

But the path to their successes has not been easy. During the course of his recording career, Thornton became embattled with forces that threw him from his home and his Spirit. He engaged in drugs, sex, clubbing, late night recording sessions, even two HIV scares. He was living a life he had always despised. Thornton fought desperately, even valiantly to break free from the temptations. Finally in 2008, he broke. During a concert two years later, the group announced that they intended to release solo albums. In 2011, Malice published his testimony in Wretched, Poor, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked under his birth name Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr.

Wretched displays the war for Malice’s soul. It will tell a story that is rarely seen and hardly acknowledged by the world, a dark tale behind the allure of mainstream success in the music industry. You will follow him from his first brush with death before the multimillion dollar record deal, through the battles during and after all the cars, money, jewelry, and fame. The real gems appear in how Thornton openly shares his relationship with God and how he speaks of his wife, a devout Believer who is steadfast in her faith throughout the attacks against her marriage and her husband. In a way, this book speaks candidly and eloquently about Hip Hop’s fall from Grace and the Love that held it all together.

To purchase Wretched, Poor, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked, visit the official site at http://www.mademylifechange.com, or visit the Amazon online book store. Watch the viral promotional video here:

Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked Epk from marcus williams on Vimeo.

Listeners may join in with your thoughts and questions on twitter @sean_anthony and the Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator fan page on facebook. The interview can also be heard on WYTT 95.5 Jamz Roanoke Rapids, NC, http://www.urbansoulradio.fm and http://www.FlowOfWisdom.com. Check your local radio station’s website for air dates and times.


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