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25 Year Radio Veteran, Sean Anthony is the Host of "Flow of Wisdom Radio." It airs live Sundays 3p-5p EST on the GCN Radio Networks (gcnlive.com.) Call in 877-300-7645. He is also the author of "Conversations With Hip Hop" available on Amazon.com

Does the Church Support Christian Rappers?

Each Sunday 9am “Flow of Wisdom Radio” airs live on WCDX iPower 92.1. I tackle the issues that touch the people. On this show my topic was “Are there Demonic Forces in Hip Hop”? but in this clip, Christian Rapper, Bizzle expands on how some churches don’t support Christian Rappers. He mentioned that his own church told him that Christian Rappers are not of God.
Check it out.

I believe that some churches need to step out of the old Pharisee way of thinking. Today’s way of spreading the Gospel has to evolve. Many young people don’t connect with some of the preachers today. Whether it’s through rock-n-roll, country, contemporary, old school gospel hymns, or hip hop music, it is still a form of expression spreading the Word of God. To check out the entire Bizzle interview, click here

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2 Comments on “Does the Church Support Christian Rappers?”

  1. Imani Malaika June 7, 2014 at 11:19 pm #

    These rappers are doing the evangelism the churches will not do, especially in the inner cities and among the youth. I like “Dear Mr. Christian” by Derek Minor which speaks to this. It seems that the church collects all this money and refuses to do the one thing Christ sent them to do: seek the lost. They will preach to the choir all day long, go on “Gospel cruises” and build extravagant temples but the widows, orphans (for tithes) and the lost are not a priority. It is not that some correction/reproof might be in order (profanity in lyrics, oh yes, I’ve heard it). But it needs to be done according to Galatians 6:1 in a spirit of humility and love for these bretheren.



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