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25 Year Radio Veteran, Sean Anthony is the Host of "Flow of Wisdom Radio." It airs live Sundays 3p-5p EST on the GCN Radio Networks (gcnlive.com.) Call in 877-300-7645. He is also the author of "Conversations With Hip Hop" available on Amazon.com

This Sunday on Flow of Wisdom Radio: Part 2 of “Secret Societies in Pop Culture”

Tune in live at 9am on iPowerRichmond.com as returning guests YungN and Steve Cokely continue the probe into the secret societies behind our popular culture.

Richmond, Va, July 25Memi McDowell–The return of two controversial guests has set the precedent for another highly anticipated episode of the syndicated talk show Flow of Wisdom Radio, hosted by Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator. The second installment of the topic “Secret Societies in Pop Culture,” featuring the bright young youtube sensation YungN and tenured conspiracy researcher Steve Cokely, will air live on WCDX iPower 92.1 Richmond, VA this Sunday and broadcast again on WYTT 95.5 Jamz Roanoke Rapids, NC next week.

The original July 10th episode caused a spur of listeners to voice their outrage over the intentional subliminal messages embedded within movies, music, literature and other entertainment. Hundreds of calls, facebook and twitter comments, and emails flooded the channels at Flow of Wisdom Radio, inquiring for more information on the issue. The interest created a large ripple in the movement to expose groups such as the Boule, Illuminati, Rhodes Rothschild, Trilateral Commission, and others.

Youtube documentarian YungN will kick off the show on Sunday with a more in-depth look at hip hop’s surrender to these secret societies. He is committed to revealing the ulterior motives of the interest groups behind hip hop music, a culture he is closely familiar with. YungN shares further insight on his youtube channel ThisIsYungNTV, which has received more than 2 million views since its conception about a year ago.

Accredited Researcher Steve Cokely will also return to offer his perspective on why secret societies desire to control the media and entertainment. Mr. Cokely has spoken up about the infrastructure of several secret groups and assassination conspiracies. Because of his experiences in American politics and his comprehensive knowledge of conspiracies, his live lectures have been effective courses of education nationwide.

Steve Cokely and YungN are valuable sources of information for this Sunday’s episode. You do not want to miss a moment of Part Two of “Secret Societies in Pop Culture” on Flow of Wisdom Radio! Listeners are encouraged to call in live at (804) 345-9236 between 9am and 10am EST or comment online @sean_anthony on Twitter or on the Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator Facebook fan page. Recordings are accepted anytime at (202) 683-7825.

Steve Cokely has several series of lectures available for purchase on wwww.SteveCokely.com Visit his website for more information about his live messages.
ThisIsYungNTV on youTube has videos available for viewing and sharing. The documentaries are made possible by the youTRUTH campaign. To learn more, visit http://www.youtube.com/thisisyungntv

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