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Elite Code of Ethic:”They Must Tell The World What They Do!” – Lindsey Williams

During my interview with Pastor Lindsey Williams, he mentions that the elite have a code of ethics believe it or not, which is to “tell the world what they do.” “Hollywood is their perversion and the liberal media is their mouth piece.”

In this clip he also mentions why the financial collapse has not happened yet but informs me of what will happen before the 2012 collapse. To listen to the entire interview, click here.

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One Comment on “Elite Code of Ethic:”They Must Tell The World What They Do!” – Lindsey Williams”

  1. anti-fascist November 16, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    I don’t get it with the elite nor do I care, the elite code of ethics is their own personal code, so what! That’s their code or they’ll be crushed by a higher authority, hell, I’d like to break a recovery centre code of ethics, I’d like to set fire to the building, but I can’t, the code of ethics of a place is not a moral thing, it’s part of a program or people will forever control you. It’s no mystery: a man is only free when he’s got no connection with a program, now how is a code of ethics broken with your mother? For one thing, constructive activity like painting, poetry and music can happen, for another you’ll have to be pretty subtle to do what you want. The elitists are NOT slaves, by owning nothing not even your own money, it’s simply regulating a civilisation and these civilisations can’t exist without these regulations. In the second place, us hippy dippies and groovy bastards are not the good people, I don’t mean that in a bad way: the good people are the ones who destroy plans and kill evil doers, instead of doing that, I choose to push myself in society to eliminate force against shopping in shops, smoking cigarettes, and prevent the majority from witnessing any suspicion. I feel funny about new civilisations, when these people are trying to be good and nice, it just doesn’t work because people are not going to see a perfect future in this, if there are mistakes, if anything goes wrong, there will be trouble. The elite is a weird conception, but other weird people are finding ways to live on the planet, wow, I know how uniqueness works, it works with a libertarian tax: be strange so long as you’re not a disgrace to humankind.


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