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MUST WATCH VIDEO: Police Demanded to enter Home without a warrant

This is How Police State Looks in Dekalb County GA

(Image credit: verifex/Flickr)

“On July 26, 2013 at 2:00 AM Dekalb County Sheriffs Department illegally entered the home of Donovan Hall and Natania Griffin in Ellenwood GA. For nearly an hour they demanded to enter without a warrant, and while announcing the wrong address.
Although difficult to pinpoint exactly why police found it necessary to invade the person’s home and privacy, it can be assumed that the documented home invasion, constitutional violation and destruction of property would likely have never been brought to light if the person had not filmed the event.”

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One Comment on “MUST WATCH VIDEO: Police Demanded to enter Home without a warrant”

  1. JPSerino September 23, 2013 at 8:31 am #

    This is how all government agents are trained, whether in municipal agencies or in law enforcement, they are trained to act as if they are always in the right and you are always in the wrong. They are trained to antagonize by ignoring you because they are told you have no rights. They tell you that you are being “uncooperative” and are “agitated”, while they are themselves hostile and dehumanizing in their demeanor and speech. They lie and assume the moral high ground. This is evil that has invaded the culture and gained access to the government at every level. Obviously, in order for things to be this way, there has to be a denial of personal liberty and the individual’s sovereignty, which is a denial of our Creator and the laws that are the true basis of human rights and laws. This is why these people now hate the Constitution and Christianity. It is all related and connected.


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