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25 Year Radio Veteran, Sean Anthony is the Host of "Flow of Wisdom Radio." It airs live Sundays 3p-5p EST on the GCN Radio Networks (gcnlive.com.) Call in 877-300-7645. He is also the author of "Conversations With Hip Hop" available on Amazon.com

FOWRadio: X-MEN Director Bryan Singer accused of abusing teenage boy

Here is the article from Vigilant Citizen about the accusations of X-Men director, Bryan Singer abusing a teenage boy. http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/x-men-director-bryan-singer-accused-abusing-teenage-boy-part-sordid-hollywood-sex-ring/
FOWRadio: (PT3) X-MEN Director Bryan Singer accused of abusing teenage boy

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  1. Another actor expose pedophilia ring in Hollywood | FLOW OF WISDOM | SEAN ANTHONY - May 23, 2016

    […] On Flow Of Wisdom radio, I have been consistent with exposing the pedophile ring in Hollywood for some time now. Even though this sick vile act is much bigger than Hollywood, another actor is speaking out about this dark and evil network. “They” continue to try and keep it hidden to protect the guilty men in powerful positions, but the darkness will get exposed! […]


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