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Pastor Jamal Bryant: “Ebola Is Man-Made And Was Patented By The Government In 2007” [VIDEO]

I don’t usually connect with Pastor Jamal Bryant but I’m glad he’s speaking out on this. He says, “Ebola is man-made and was patented by the Government.” Maybe folks will pay attention to radio shows, like Flow Of Wisdom and tackling topics that you will more than likely never hear in the mainstream media. I hope and pray more Pastors use their platform to inform the people of what is going on in the world along with the deception and teach them how to apply biblical principles to deal with the tactics of the enemy. – Sean Anthony

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There is no question that the Ebola Virus has become a household name in recent weeks. Pastor Jamal Bryant delivered a sermon Sunday advising his congregation in The Empowerment Temple in Baltimore that the Ebola virus is man-made and was patented in 2007.

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Pastor Bryant prefaced his sermon by stating:

“There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Pastor Bryant referenced patent number CA2471523A1, awarded to the Center For Disease Control in 2007 after the design of the virus called Ebobun, better known as Ebola. According to the Pastor who allegedly obtained a copy of the patent, the patent application was written under the name of the Government Of The United States Of America. Within the description on the patent application, the CDC claims to have invented the virus.

SEE the Ebola Virus patent

In the words of Pastor Jamal Bryant:

“Why would you…

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    […] Pastor Jamal Bryant: “Ebola Is Man-Made And Was Patented By The Government In 2007″ [VIDEO] […]


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