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Thought Crime? Navy Vet Fired For Posting Images Of DHS Vehicles On Facebook

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I think we all know who’s actually behaving like a terrorist in this case

Thought Crime? Navy Vet Fired For Posting Images Of DHS Vehicles On Facebook

Source: Zero Hedge |

You probably haven’t heard of Mark Paffrath, the 28-year-old Navy veteran, and former employee of the Drury hotel chain, who was fired from his job and called a “terrorist” for taking pictures of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) vehicles and posting them to his personal Facebook page.

The story of his recent job termination is further proof of fascism’s relentless bull market within these United States. What happened to Mr. Paffrath could easily happen to any of us, and it’s imperative that we support him and reject the type of backwards fear-mongering being perpetrated by his control-freak employer.

Just two weeks ago, we saw a 90-year-old vet threatened with jail for feeding homeless people in Florida. Now this.

TechDirt reports that:

Mark says that on Thursday after work he snapped 2 photographs…

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One Comment on “Thought Crime? Navy Vet Fired For Posting Images Of DHS Vehicles On Facebook”

  1. RonMamita December 3, 2014 at 10:28 pm #

    Happy greetings Sean,
    Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being here!

    The trend is evident to those willing to face the TRUTH…

    Personally, since the early 1960s I have always thought the freedom movement was unfinished. It was always about All People on Earth.
    Two links below for you to share if you think they add some awareness for others:
    Video is valuable knowledge and worth the investment of 81 minutes:

    ♥ LOVE & Wholeness


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