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Senators & Congressmen: Investigate Cointelpro Harassment Now Being Used To Silence Activists & Whistleblowers

Rosanne Schneider
Sebastopol, CA

Senators & Congressmen Investigate & Dismantle Prejudicial Cointelpro Attacks on Innocent Citizens by Corrupt NSA Officials

All across the country ( and the world ) innocent citizens are complaining about well organized covert attacks … attacks that are identical to past Cointelpro tactics. The Cointelpro program was a government “silencing” program which was exposed in 1971 and supposedly dismantled. It targeted the women’s movement, anti-war activists, Martin Luther King, and many other innocent people who were trying to improve our world.


But was it really dismantled ? …. Strong evidence suggests that it was not, … instead it was refined and pushed underground again … Many witnesses report that the program is very much alive and targeting groups like the Occupy movement along with African-Americans, independent women, whistle-blowers and activists … the new victims of this atrocity call it “gang stalking” and there are thousands of references to this abuse on the internet … but make no mistake, gang stalking is none other than Cointelpro raising it’s ugly, hate-filled head once again in attempts to eliminate, silence and control some of our best and brightest citizens … This is a total, 100% attack on our Constitutional freedoms and it must be stopped …



This is a program of total destruction which employs ex-criminals and neighborhood groups to do it’s dirty work. If you are unfortunate enough to be targeted by this program, you can expect:

Slander in the community … involving neighbors, shop keepers, church groups, neighborhood watch groups, the local police, etc. … targets are portrayed as mentally unstable, terrorists, sexual deviants, criminals, etc.

Black-listing … targets are denied jobs and apartments leading to poverty and homelessness …

Financial sabotage … businesses are tampered with, real estate is compromised, possessions are destroyed, legal issues are exacerbated …

Framing … targets are often framed for crimes which they did not commit …

Harassment … targets are harassed continually with noise, stalking, unwanted phone calls, rude encounters, vandalism, computer sabotage, petty theft, break-ins, etc.

Surveillance … targets must endure 24 hour surveillance including home surveillance, GPS automobile surveillance, phone taps, computer monitoring, etc.

Infiltration … every aspect of a targets life is infiltrated including their home life and their work environment, … people are placed in the targets life pretending to be friends and associates for the purpose of harassment and information gathering …

Psyops … psychological operations … everything is done to distract, confuse, and emotionally wound the target … the target’s family is attacked, pets are attacked, everything near and dear to the target is destroyed …

Physical attacks … including chemical exposure, poisonings, and directed energy weapons ( look it up ) … targets are also used for non-consensual government experimentation … occasionally targets are assassinated ….



You can read some of the comments of those targeted by reviewing my last petition which was meant to expose gang-stalking … at that time, I wasn’t sure that gang-stalking was connected to Cointelpro, but after a lot of research, I am now sure of it …


Because of repeated reports of revenge motives, I now believe that some of these victims were brought into this program by corrupt NSA officials. The current political climate, including the complete lack of NSA accountability supports this point of view.

We the undersigned are tired of secret policies of prejudice, silencing and hate… We are tired of corrupt government officials who believe that they are above the law …. We are tired of secret agendas that limit and destroy our constitutional rights …

We ask that our elected officials re-open Cointelpro and MKUltra investigations, …. We also ask for a thorough investigation into any other government programs of harassment, experimentation and surveillance which might exist under another name…. We further ask for the establishment of a citizen watchdog committee which will oversee complaints of false NSA investigations and covert harassment …. We further request that strict penalties be levied against any government contractor who is found guilty of these crimes.

To read more about this and to support this cause please go to


Source: https://www.change.org/p/senators-congressmen-investigate-cointelpro-harassment-now-being-used-to-silence-activists-whistleblowers


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