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My reflections on Stuart Scott’s passing

Source: Twitter.com/stuartscott

Source: Twitter.com/stuartscott

Today, we lost a trail blazer in media. This morning on the NFL Network, I watched Rich Eisen deliver the news that his friend Stuart Scott had died from cancer. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I could not hold back tears. I was not expecting my emotions to overcome me this morning. Usually, I don’t get sentimental on the passing of a public figure. I turned to my wife and asked, “why am I crying? If I did not know Stuart Scott personally?”

Maybe, it’s because I’ve lost many family members to cancer and I can identify with the loss. For the past two years, I’ve been on a prayer team interceding for people who’ve filled out prayer cards. Without a doubt, every week someone was battling cancer.

It then dawned on me, as a broadcaster I’ve learned that you become a part of peoples lives, injecting a portion of your personality into the homes of your viewers or listeners that tune in for you. People get the sense that they “know” you. It’s different from a public figure like an actor. Actors are portraying someone other than themselves. Which is why the news of the death of Stuart Scott hit home. I, like many Americans, invited Stuart into our homes as we get updated with the latest sports news and information.

Stuart Scott broke the mold of delivering sports. He showed not only ESPN executives but the world of sports that you can inject hip hop phrases and still be articulate. He made me proud watching his success and influence in popular culture. Over the past several years we have seen (but many may have not noticed) the influence of Scott’s delivery in sports broadcasting. Many have been emulating Stuart’s style and vernacular by quoting popular catch phrases from hip hop songs. He was the first and the best to ever do it!

It’s tough to watch his colleagues and friends cover this tragedy and see them still hold their composure, at least try to, on national TV.

My family will pray for a family that we do not know and that’s Stuart Scott’s family. Especially his daughters. May the Heavenly Father give them peace and strength during this tough time.

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