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Former South Carolina police officer indicted for murder after shooting man running away

One Comment on “Former South Carolina police officer indicted for murder after shooting man running away”

  1. energyweaponsatme June 9, 2015 at 2:37 am #

    Scanner’s report on pages 23-28 of the doctor’s report is erroneous. Scanner used microTelsa (uT) unit for measurements of Extech 480823 EMF Meter. MicroTelsa units are solely used for measuring DC magnetic fields and AC magnetic fields.

    The meter has an AC gauss meter. It measures AC magnetic fields.


    Scanner reported the room fluxuated between .01 uT to .11 uT. These levels are considered safe.


    Unit of measurement for radiofrequency is uW/m2. Up to 10 uW/m2 is considered safe in a room.


    Scanner did not give uW/m2 measurements. Level in room is unknown.


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