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50 Items to Always Have Within Reach

Source: Code Name Insight

50 Items to Always Have Within Reach
No matter where you are–home, office, vehicle, friend’s house, on vacation, etc.–you need to be prepared for anything that could happen. One way to do this it to always ensure that you have these useful items within reach (meaning in your home, in your travel bag, in your office storage cabinet, etc).

  1. Water (a case of water, a bottle of water, a canteen, etc)
  2. Food (stockpiled food, granola bars, a packed lunch, etc)
  3. Cash (coins and bills)
  4. ATM card/bank card/credit card (for access to greater amounts of money)
  5. ID (passport, driver’s license, etc)
  6. First aid kit (tiny with band aids and aspirin up to a mega kit)
  7. Flashlight (again it can be tiny or a huge Maglight)
  8. A knife (pocket knife, fixed blade knife, utility knife, etc)
  9. A cell phone and charger (all around useful)
  10. A bandanna (many, many uses)
  11. A backpack (small, medium, or large for grab and go situations)
  12. Pen/pencil and paper (old reliable and still very useful even in the digital age)
  13. USB drive with all of your files backed up (no explanation needed)
  14. Prescription medications (if they are necessary they should always be with you)
  15. Paracord (also many, many uses)
  16. Small AM/FM radio (for entertainment and emergency use)
  17. Safety pins
  18. Rubber bands
  19. Zip ties
  20. Emergency “space” blanket (many uses)
  21. Whistle (tiny but useful in an emergency)
  22. Spare batteries (for anything you carry that uses them)
  23. Wet wipes (always useful)
  24. Packet of tissue (for obvious uses)
  25. Condom (ditto. Also good for carrying water)
  26. Water purification tabs (super tiny and useful in an emergency)
  27. Matches or a lighter

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