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Insiders account of San Bernardino Shooting

I was sent this screenshot earlier today of a comment from someone who works at the Inland Regional Center which was the location of the targeted attack that left reportedly 14 dead.


Screenshot of Facebook comment

Shirley’s comments were apparently clear.  While looking to contact Shirley to invite her to call into the show I found this post on her Facebook page.

Source: Facebook/Shirley Weis

I just want to thank everyone for your prayers for us today at Inland Regional Center. I had just walked through the…

Posted by Shirley Weis on Thursday, December 3, 2015

I just want to thank everyone for your prayers for us today at Inland Regional Center. I had just walked through the building where everyone was shot 20-30 minutes before the shooting. I heard them laughing in the auditorium. I heard the alarm and we all thought it was a fire drill. Since I’m a safety monitor, I started clearing rooms.

Then we heard that we couldn’t go outside because there was an active shooter. So a group of us were all locked in my supervisor’s office. I was on the floor with my back against the door, when there was a loud knock. It was our Director, who told us to go to another Director’s office suite which is bigger and has a lock too. It’s scary being locked into offices where people are crying and you don’t know what’s going on.

Then a loud knock with a loud voice telling us to all walk out slowly with our hands up. It’s terrifying walking out with your hands up, going down hallways with guns drawn around every corner. I appreciate the response of all law enforcement and firemen involved. It was so sad to walk by bodies covered in tarps and I pray for the families who lost loved ones and those injured.

When we were at the golf course across the street, the first responders brought us snacks and water. We were then brought to The Rock church by bus. I want to thank that church for having snacks and water and most importantly a bathroom. All of us were interviewed one by one by detectives. It was a long wait. Thank God for the praise music playing in the background. It was very calming for my soul.

Finally we were able to get on a bus to go to the Rudy Hernandez center. Each bus had 2 armed law enforcement officers, one in front and one in back. At the Rudy Hernandez center they had pizza from BJs and sandwiches, drinks, dessert for us. My stomach could only handle pizza.

We were told to go to a table and give them our contact info and the description of our cars, because we won’t be able to get our cars for who knows how long. Many of us left purses and cell phones in our offices. Fortunately when we moved from one locked office to the other, I grabbed my purse and cell phone from my office. We were told we can’t go back into our building until next week. My husband had a hard time getting close to the building to pick me up because streets were blocked and cars were everywhere, but finally I saw him. We prayed as soon as we got in the car.

This tragedy hitting so close to home makes me want to tell all of you that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, that we need to know our eternal destination if we died today. God loves you. He wants all to be saved. Get right with God. He sent His Son to die in our place so we can have eternal life. Think about it. Are you living a life of worldy pleasure or are you living to please God? Don’t let sin separate you from God. Let Jesus be your Savior. Repent, ask forgiveness, live for Him, have a relationship with Him. He is so worth it.

Here is the first hour of my broadcast on this subject plus more December, 6, 2015.

2 Comments on “Insiders account of San Bernardino Shooting”

  1. RonMamita December 10, 2015 at 10:21 am #

    Happy greetings Flow,
    I wish you joy.


    I was chatting with other conspiracy researchers and thought to share some of our discussions with you, as we are all connected on this Earth plane.
    Even this latest “San Berdoo Sunburn” event appears to be an institutional effort (Boston bombing, Charlie Hebdo shooting, Paris terror attacks, etc.) to get Western allies fearing and hating the Islamic people, justifying the escalation of World War…

    – Mass Deception & Conditioning Indoctrination –
    “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.”

    “Short, successful military adventures are as effective as the Super Bowl in diverting people’s attention from unpleasant truths.” -John Stockwell, former CIA official ]

    CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.” -CIA Dir. William Casey

    *Okay, the 21st century is at a crisis crossroad.

    A significant segment of the population are aware of the Age of Deception as institutional policy.
    The escalation of WWIII continues.
    Taxation increases and austerity is underway.
    The silent war against the citizens is revealed.
    The spinning-ball-planet-Earth theory is false.
    The monetary system is a fraud.
    On and on we see the worldwide deception and a script…

    What can the individual do?
    What does it mean for the individual?

    My objective is be brief and direct, use your discernment for the nuances, the exceptions, and alternatives.

    Expect engineered crises to occur [prepare for all emergencies as best you can]…

    How would you respond:
    *If the banks stopped their services and froze your assets [Bank-holiday].

    *If the Exchange Markets stopped their services to freeze the loses at 60% or more.

    *If the governments (most, if not all govts) shutdown most of its services, due to debt default and lack of funds. (I imagine government would choose to maintain armed forces patrolling the highways and waterways. One should be able to foresee government policy probabilities such as Compulsory military service; changes to food programs; Social Security/Disability/retirement payments)…

    – If You Are Prepared For All Those Possibilities –
    Then you are aware and able to adapt to the changes approaching.

    My wish is for like minded individuals to develop a Creative, freedom nurturing community…

    *Thank you for being here, brother.

    Legalized Domestic Propaganda:
    Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 text



  1. Sean Anthony Speaks for the horrors on #TargetedIndivuals #Gangstalking: Insiders Account of San Bernardino Shooting Part 1 | FLOW OF WISDOM | Lissa's Humane Life - December 13, 2015

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