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Africa`s First Coltan Industry – Lies, Betrayal and Genocide | African Agenda – A new perspective on Africa

Africa`s First Coltan Processing Plant – Lies, Betrayal and Genocide

by africanagenda.net

It has been confirmed that by next year Rwanda will become the first African state to process coltan on an industrial scale. Canadian AB Minerals Corporation will be undertaking the venture in partnership with the Rwandan goverment. The following are excerpts from the article on cnbcafrica that broke this news. http://www.cnbcafrica.com/news/east-africa/2016/08/24/africa%E2%80%99s-first-coltan-separation-plant-to-be-built-in-rwanda/

“Rwanda is currently the largest exporter of Coltan, providing 50% of tantalum worldwide. Coltan is a mineral dull metal that is a combination of columbite and tantalite, refined for the production of tantalum”. [ an essential component of computers and cell phones]

Rwanda does not have reserves of coltan. All the coltan that it has been exporting is from Kivu in the Eastern Congo. This is one of the most war-torn regions in the world. Since 1996 between 8-11 million people have lost their lives in an on-going scene of murder. How is it that Rwanda fares so well with its coltan exports when the area from where it is mined, is a scene of chaos?

Because since 1996 the Congo has been occupied by the governments of its neighbours – Rwanda and Uganda. These countries in compliance with their proxy government in Kinshasa lead by Joseph Kabila, have infiltrated and manipulated Congolese establishments and institutions, primarily the military. Congo functions for the benefit of its political elite and that of Rwanda and Uganda.

“Many cottage industries and small companies and mining cooperatives, which represent nearly 80% of minors in the country, will be able, for the first time, to directly sell their minerals to a local foundry instead of agents,” says -he. (Frank Balestra, CEO of AB Minerals Corp)

“The reason most African mineral resources are exported in the raw state is the low level of industrialization in the local area. Bringing coltan treatment directly to the region will raise the country’s industrialization and the mining industry in Rwanda and East Africa. “

The coltan mines are not in Rwanda or East Africa. The mines are in the Congo. This is typical of the lies from the mainstream media.

The excerpt above misleads you to think of unindustrialized Africa, small scale/artisanal mining operations conducted by hand. That is not the case. Nor is it the case that local communities will benefit from this enterprise. Most of the local communities are already dead. – Read the full story

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