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Article Source: http://africanagenda.net/boko-haram-and-brics/

Boko Haram is imperialist terrorism.

Boko Haram is the excuse for US/UK military intervention in Nigeria.Boko Haram are Saddam Hussein`s weapons of mass destruction, Syria`s sarin gas, Gadaffi`s dictatorship, Somalia`s Al Shebaab, Central African Republic`s Seleka rebels, DR Congo`s M23 ( and now FDLR),Mali`s Islamic extremists, Uganda`s LRA, Liberia`s Ebola, Iraq`s ISIS and the Middle East`s Al Qaeda.In short Boko Haram are justification for militarization and foreign intervention according to the new international law called R2P. This stands for Responsibility to Protect.This law was brought in just in time for NATO to bomb the hell out of Libya.And now the AU are sending 7500 troops to Nigeria whose military might was quite capable of `restoring law and order` in Sierra Leone and Liberia during their civil wars/economic revolutions.

This is all linked to 9/11 and the resulting War on Terror which conveniently replaced the Cold War.

The USA is based on a War Economy.This is called the Military Industrial Complex which means that the military forces of the USA are being used to defend the corporate interests of industry. Only fools are still believing that Saddam Hussein had WMDs which justified NATO bombing of Iraq and the death of 1.5 million Iraqis and the continuing carnage which is all part of the oil and heroin destabilization program.

The problem in Africa at present is the progress of a new banking system called BRICS , Brazil Russia India China and South Africa.This is the supreme threat to the Rothschild owned Central Banking system that operates current global finance through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF), the Federal Reserve of America and the Bank of England. All these establishments are privately owned by a British based cartel headed by the Rothschild family who have economic hegemony over Africa.This hegemony was once called colonialism and is now called neo-colonialism. Read more

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